Send Items to Lion Surplus

Any University department may send University-owned equipment, supplies, and/or materials that are obsolete, surplus, or scrap to Lion Surplus for disposal. Lion Surplus will sell or dispose of the items as outlined in Procedure BS15. We dispose of all University-owned equipment through sales, bids, auctions, or recycling.

How to Send Items to Lion Surplus

To send your department's surplus materials, you must login SIMBA and create an Asset Transfer and Retirement Form (DOCX) request. If applicable, contact your Financial Officer for form access. Tagged items are valued over $5,000. Chairs, desks, and monitors are examples of non-tagged items. When the form is submitted, it will alert us that an item needs to be picked up. 

What We Accept

We accept anything that Penn State owns and needs to replace. That can be a wide variety of items. If the items are still in working condition, we sell them in our showroom, in auctions, or on eBay and GovDeals. We also have recycling programs for items that do not function.

Payment Options

Auctions: Cash, certified checks, cashier’s checks, personal checks, and MasterCard/Visa credit and debit cards.

Lion Surplus Store: Cash, personal checks, and MasterCard/Visa credit and debit cards.

Used Fleet Vehicles: Cash, certified checks, and cashier’s checks. (Personal checks not accepted.)

Other Used Vehicles: Cash and personal checks.